Anna Yutchenko - photographer and Videographer. Graduate of the Master's Program of the School of Journalism of UCU. Co-writer of the short documentary "Living and Undead." She is involved in documentary and artistic audiovisual projects.

Diana Horban - freelance journalist, photographer and videographer, working in cultural projects Graduate from the Master's Program at the School of Journalism of UCU. Also, she was a student of alternative schools: The film laboratory for young filmmakers Indie Lab (2020) Terrarium Script Lab (2019) Wiz-Art Film School (2018). Actress in theatre "On Simeon's pillars".
Thus they will sing

"Thus they will sing" is a movie-collage that interweaves human experiences, soromitski (shaming) songs and the flow of modern life. Soromnitski (shaming) songs are traditional songs (spivankas) with erotic motifs, sung at weddings, vechornytsi (evening parties), and feasts. Although they were quite shameful to sing in everyday life, they were broadcasting the man and woman's behavior patterns. The tradition of creating the spivankas (these songs) still exists. Ostap Bohoslovets from Nadvirna town re-analyses the modern world of youth in his own spivankas.
Dmytro Hreshko
Inspired by documentaries that helped to change the world for the better, he realized that he wanted to be part of the movie-making process too. Since 2019, he has been studying and shooting documentaries. His main occupation is video game development and active part in the organization of the Transcarpathian Film Commission events for the development of cinema in Zakarpattia, namely CMIFF movie festival. In 2019 in Uzhhorod he completed a week-long course in narrative film at the Skalka 2019 film school and completed a two-month course in author's documentary CinemaLab from the Kharkiv School of Visual Arts, under the guidance of Lyubov Durakova. He went on with researching the topic of "salvage", he made a documentary short feature about emergency medical care providers – "Save me, doctor!"
Save me, doctor

The film "Save me, doctor!" tells about the work of the ambulance crew during the New Year holidays in Kyiv. The main characters are three ambulance crew: a doctor, a paramedic and a driver. The idea of the film is to convey the atmosphere of the ambulance crew during the New Year holidays, the challenges and patients they face during the working day shift.
Pavlo Dorohoi
Pavlo Dorohoi is a documentary photographer, documentary filmmaker, and researcher of Soviet photography of the second half of the 20th century. He was born in 1985 in Kharkiv. He studied at the school of modern photography "DOKDOKDOK", works with archival and vernacular photography. Ongoing projects concern the relationship between personal and collective memory. He is interested in the Soviet architectural heritage and its future during decommunization.
Diary 1937

The film consists of diaries and photos from the year 1937, which were bought at a flea market in Kharkiv. Why do people deny their own memory of Soviet experience? Is it possible to recreate historical age through personal stories and what is more important – collective or personal memory? Where lies the intersection point between personal and collective experience? The answers to be explored within the future documentary research.
Yegor Kadomtsev
Yegor Kadomtsev was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. As a teenager he was fond of breaking and hip-hop choreography, so when he went to film school he already knew he would make a movie about this culture.

In the 3rd year of studying Yegor started shooting short film for his thesis, which eventually grew into an independent film. Three years later, with the support of the Indie Lab workshop, the work on his debut film was completed.
Breaking culture

In the 90s, Kyiv was captured by a new culture that came from the West - breakdance. Yuriy Savchuk, or Flus, was the one who "brought breakdancing to Ukraine". It is the story of the man who has changed the cultural landscape of our country and still lives the dream of dance.
Olena Makarenko
Olena Makarenko, a journalist Olena was born and lives in Kyiv. She graduated Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, qualification: Printing and publishing. Starting from November 2015, Olena covers events and processes happening in Ukraine for the English-language media Euromaidan Press. During her work on the topic related to Kryviy Rih local elections, she met local activist Anton Kravchenko. Later, Olena decided to shoot a film about him. Synopsis short After the Revolution of Dignity, Anton returned to his hometown Kryvyi Rih. He started fighting the corrupt Soviet-minded local government. The system is fighting back with smear campaigns in local media and litigations against him. One of the relevant issues for Anton is arranging proper public transport work in Kryvyi Rih, the city which is known as the longest city in Europe.
Life-Long City

Anton is an activist who wants to make his hometown Kryviy Rih a better place to live. Corrupt Soviet-minded local government pays him back for his stance with smear campaigns in local media and litigations against him.
Sergii Mukaieliants
Sergii Mukaieliants, a Ukrainian director and cinematographer, was born on September 30, 1987 in Odesa. He graduated from Odesa National І.І. Mechnikov University, majoring in history. In 2012 hefinished a short-term course in directing and cinematography at Vera Kholodna film school in Odesa, andsince that time he has been mainly working on commercials and corporate videos. In 2020 he participated in a documentary laboratory for young filmmakers Indie Lab, and finished his 1st short documentary film "5 Seconds Man".
5 seconds man

Danyl Boldyriev, a former world record holder in speed climbing, is trying to become a contestant at the 2020 Olympics, where sport climbing will be represented for the first time. Danyl has not only to leave his parents and couch in Donetsk, but also to change his skills and climbing techniques to participate in this new competition.
Olga Semak
Born in Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine, she studied journalism at OlesHonchar National University of Dnipro.She graduated from the graduate school (Department of Philological and Cultural Studies of Journalists). She also took a one year course «Digital Future of Journalism» was launched by Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. After graduating, she worked as a newspaper reporter. In 2006, after moving to Kyiv, she started her career in broadcast journalism as a reporter/special correspondent for the leading ukrainian commercial TV-channels STB and ICTV. She has focused on cultural and social issues.

She created a few video projects for social media. In 2017 she co-founded production, Metropolis Film Company. Demiurge is her directing debut.

Olena Semak
Born in Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine, she studied journalism at Oles Honchar National University of Dnipro. She was working as journalist of economic and industry media before moving to Kyiv in 2012.

In 2017 she founded own production, Metropolis Film Company, in collaboration with her sister Olga.
The focus of their audiovisual practices is social issues, human interest, anthropology,classical and contemporary art, research and preservation of cultural heritage. Olena works as producer, editor, co-screenwriter.

"Demiurge" is a story about the life of a small rural amateur theater in Volyn and its director, famous theater and movie actor Petro Panchuk. The manager and the troup have known each other since childhood, but there is a huge gap between them. Nonetheless, every year, these opposite poles attract to create another imaginary world on the stage and enjoy the moment.
Maria Shevchenko
Maria Shevchenko - journalist, documentary director. 2016 graduated from National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" in "Journalism". "Birthmark" is Maria's debut film - she documents her journey to occupied Crimea in search of crucial answers.

"Birthmark" - is director's documentary journey - physical and metaphysical. Maria's mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, when the girl was two years old. Now Maria documents her journey to occupied Crimea in search of crucial answers - why the illness becomes a stigma and what are the ways to being together. Maria in search of Mother, under the sign of birthmark.